Love: The Fosters

The Fosters Yes, the title of this show/family last name is a little cheesy and the characters are also sometimes a little cliché (especially Jesus, played by Jake T. Austin,) but COME ON, we can all use a little cheesy in our lives sometimes! And really, the story line is pretty interesting and Callie’s (played by Maia Mitchell, a new favorite of mine) adorable face totally makes the show worth it on it’s own.

I first watched this show only because of the fact that it features a same sex marriage (the same motivation that made me want to watch Modern Family and the New Normal, now two of my favorite shows) but ended up liking it for a lot more than that. First of all, unlike most shows featuring same-sex families, this is a drama, not a comedy and it really delves deep into some real issues that these types of families face (like ‘Oh-shit-our-son-wants-to-go-to-church-camp-where-they-will-teach-him-our-family-is-wrong-what should-we-do?!’) and normalizes this type of family dynamic.

The relationship between Teri Polo and Sherri Saum’s characters feels very real, and I often even end up forgetting that this family is supposed to be so “different”, which I think says a lot about what this show is doing right. And let’s be honest, I never really thought anything this good could be produced with Jennifer Lopez as an Executive Producer but that’s what I get for being so judgemental and assuming that just because someone is a bad actress, they will be a bad producer as well.

Despite my initial concerns, The Fosters has really impressed me . Love!