Love: Older brothers


Clearly he was a pirate, and I have no idea what I was or why anyone let me out of the house looking like some witch-cat hybrid child.

I obviously don’t really know what it’s like to not have one of these (and for a very long time, when I was a wee child, I almost felt like I was at a disadvantage for having one), but my opinion of them has really changed now that everything isn’t clouded by sadness and misery! (Oh highschool and middleschool years full of angst and loneliness, I do not miss you at all!)

Well, I wouldn’t say my opinion has  CHANGED — not quite. Let’s just say my love for my older brother has ALWAYS been there (I do not know how NOT to have this), but it’s so much easier to just focus on that part now that I’m grown and can let go a little easier of some of the pettier things and now that we live further away! Seriously, distance DOES make the heart grow fonder yada yada.

And let’s be honest, it is impossible not to love someone who will do things like willingly take the SC20130716-230650.pngblame for breaking an indoor lamp after YOU were the one who kicked around the soccer ball that broke it, all because you were standing there terrified crying in fear and he just couldn’t bear seeing you like that.

See world, I don’t really forget things so easily!

And, ugh YES, I know it isn”t always the coolest thing growing up with an older brother who is almost in some ways too overprotective (but hey, that’s a textbook problem with them, eh?) but really it’s just a matter of giving things time, or maybe even just trying to look past all that frustation and childish anger and knowing that eventually they, too, will

Well, maybe not. Maybe some older brothers are shitty people who their younger brothers and sisters SHOULD be very frustrated and angry at, but not mine

Older brothers: Love!