Love: The Fosters

Yes, the title of this show/family last name is a little cheesy and the characters are also sometimes a little cliché (especially Jesus, played by Jake T. Austin,) but COME ON, we can all… Continue reading

105 but that’s OK

There was something empty and easy about all of this, I just never knew how to express it to you. From the start, I liked you but I knew I’d never really get… Continue reading

an old poem: 100 words, a poem [2010]

What a Beauty, he told her stroked her hair, held her hand, touched her cheek. promised the air, the dirt all to her over and over and over again until finally, she believed… Continue reading

december 2, 2011

It’s not that your death has made me feel incomplete – I’d been feeling that way since long before, every moment we were not together – but it has really made me question… Continue reading

december 1, 2011

“I know that you were young and broken once, but now you’re grown, it’s time to get your shit together”. Easy for you to say, with your life all figured out and the… Continue reading